TWENTY: Thank you, umpires. Thank you, ball boys.

•January 20, 2013 • 1 Comment


You can count the Australian Opens I have not attended in the last 30 years on the fingers of one hand. I went through a bit of a flat spot when I thought it was becoming way too crowded and far too expensive and debated giving it a miss but I have regained my excitement for the day. Sure, I can no longer leave my seat and wander over to the other show courts to watch a more interesting match, there is no chance of encountering a star having a hit up and watching from the sidelines, it has become a Very Big Event. But I have seen some amazing battles on court, the cream of the sport passionately playing the game I love and I willingly hand over the money, pack my cooler bag with a picnic lunch, remember my sunscreen and hat, park half an hours walk away in the hot sun and settle into my seat with gratitude that I have this opportunity each year.

NINETEEN: It’s all a circus, kid.

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Truly hideous traffic congestion on arrival and, at the end of the night, it took 40 minutes to travel the 50 metres from our car park to the gate. But that did not, in any way, dampen our enjoyment of Cirque du Soliel’s performance of OVO. We’ve seen eight different Cirque programmes over the years and I have not been disappointed ever. Each has wowed me in its own amazing way and I always leave wanting to go straight back in and see it again. Tonight was no exception.

EIGHTEEN: Still eating fish on Friday

•January 18, 2013 • 1 Comment


The only way Life Partner can indulge his passion for shellfish is to suggest a visit here on a Friday night after work. Because (a) I don’t share that passion and (b) it’s easier to get someone else to do all that work peeling and shucking and (c) I can order a beautifully grilled fish fillet.

SEVENTEEN: Penguin Feet

•January 17, 2013 • 3 Comments


When I was in the States last year I was determined to buy a pair of funky John Fluevog shoes. I bought two pairs but tried on more than a dozen, thanks to the persuasive salesman. When he brought a navy blue pair of these out for me to try on I almost shook my head – too high, too out there. On my feet, though, it was a whole different matter. They were as comfortable as sneakers. I decided I would save for a pair and buy them on line once I got home. It took a few months to do the first and when I saw them in turquoise while doing the second, it was all over.

SIXTEEN: Puppet Magic

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If you have the opportunity, go see it. That is all.

FIFTEEN: Flat, flatter, flattest

•January 15, 2013 • 1 Comment


Exactly twelve hours before I took this picture, I took the phone off the charger and it was fully charged. When I went to get my camera out of my bag I was shocked to find the phone had become hot enough to also heat up the front of my bag. And that the battery, which previously lasted between 24 and 36 hours, almost totally flat. Think I need to get some technical advice.

FOURTEEN: Build bridges

•January 14, 2013 • 1 Comment


Day14 Old bridge Yallambie cropped sizeb

  1. Bridges have a way of being built exactly when needed, taking all where none could go before. (Tom Bryan)
  2. Mend fences, build bridges, forgive trespasses, grieve losses and let toxic grudges go. Then move on.

I’ve spent the last two nights trying to fix the size of this photo. Now I’m moving on.


THIRTEEN: …and gone.

•January 13, 2013 • 3 Comments


It was 5.15am and the traffic controller at the airport was determined we would not exceed our one minute allowance to drop off a departing passenger. As I got back in the car I turned for a final glimpse of Boy Genius as he walked into the terminal and strode away to check-in. Next stop, Nagoya.

TWELVE: Packed and ready

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He might be, but I’m not too sure that I am.

ELEVEN: Mellow yellow

•January 11, 2013 • 1 Comment


It was late and I was a more than a wee bit tired and emotional. No alcohol had been consumed but it was the end of the working week. All the family, including his godmother, congregated around the pool for a farewell dinner for Boy Genius who leaves on Sunday morning for a year in Japan. After a lovely evening everyone had left or gone to bed. Sitting at the kitchen table I looked up to find these Gerberas, a gift from said godmother, brightly smiling. I suddenly felt a whole lot better.