[January Review]

I have completed one twelfth of the journey. Thirty-one photos taken, posted and written about. I’m a lifetime expert at developing enthusiasms, starting projects and then letting them languish unfinished. Doing that fills me with guilt and disappointment every time I think about unfinished business.

This is my second attempt at this project, having begun it in 2007. I feel more confident I can see it through to the end this time. I forgot to take a photo at all on a handful of occasions this month and several household objects made their internet debut as a consequence. I am getting used to looking around for my camera before I leave the house.

Some of the photos just made themselves known to me as I passed them during the day. Others were ruthlessly pursued and structured. Some took all day to find, others arrived in a matter of minutes. Once or twice the one I thought was the days winner as I uploaded them was replaced by an unexpected outsider at the very last minute that dazzled me with its charm.

I’m not interested in the technical elements of the photography. I have books I can read, websites I can visit. What I am looking for is the often unnoticed, the quirky, the beautiful image that makes your head turn quickly for a second look. That’s what I want to capture each day. That moment.


~ by korechronicles on January 31, 2008.

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