[February Review]

Two months done.

This month I travelled further afield. It’s easier to find the photos in a novel environment but not so easy to choose the one you feel best represents the day or the moment. And how quickly the momentum of the project changes when there is limited access to getting them into this blog. I kept taking the photos but unless you are keeping a daily focus on choosing one and writing about it, the words and feelings become fainter and harder to see and write about. It is not a good thing to let too much distance develop between taking the photo and writing a commentary.

I was not happy with several of the photos this month and had to resist the urge to go and find something different, better, more interesting. I made an effort to include them and find the meaning in them. Not everything has to be the brilliant representation of a glittering life. I am trying to reassure myself that there is, in fact, beauty in the everyday slog.

There are several phone photos this month. I forgot my camera. I forgot to charge the battery. There was one week when I felt I was not making much of an effort to keep things going. Not because I had become bored, my usual excuse reason, but because stuff was getting in the way. Life is, as all the cliches tell us, nothing more or less than a series of moments. But it is in those moments that individual lives exist. And my determination to capture moments of my life was a strong as ever. The phone photos did the job and, once again, my camera is charged and with me more often than not.

Today is the last day of summer and the bonus day that made that this blog a Project 365 plus one. Autumn is usually a wonderful season for us, the best weather of the year. Warm to hot days, cool nights to ensure sleep. I love  autumn for all her wondrous gifts but the sense of winter, hovering just over the horizon, definitely tempers my mood.


~ by korechronicles on February 29, 2008.

One Response to “[February Review]”

  1. I’m so glad you haven’t changed any of your photos – it’s such a wonderful insight into you and your life. I really look forward to what’s caught your eye for each picture…


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