81/366 [Good Friday]

Hot cross buns

What do you get when you pour boiling water down a rabbit burrow? Hot, cross bunnies!

Originally, the image of the horns of a sacrificed ox were carved into ritual bread at the pagan festival to Eastre.The word ‘bun’ comes from the Saxon word for the sacred ox – ‘boun’. It was Christian missionaries, trying to keep the pagans on side while converting them, who took up the practice of serving wheat buns with crosses on them.

In my family we never ate these on any day but Good Friday. Apparently this was an edict of devout Anglican Queen Liz the First, hot cross buns should be served only on religious festivals. And my English grandparents and mother were still obeying her 400 years later! It’s become a bit of joke nowadays – like the first cuckoo of spring, I’ve always got an eye out for the first sighting of hot cross buns and this year it was January 2nd when they turned up in my local supermarket.


~ by korechronicles on March 21, 2008.

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