[March Review]

Three months have passed in a blur.

But the photos continue. This is the point at which I lost interest last year. Well, not interest so much as focus. I had only one fully operational arm for a few weeks after surgery on my finger, I had a new job with a precipitous learning curve, I was travelling into the city, I just couldn’t remember I was meant to be taking a photo each day.

But also I realise that it is getting harder. The novelty has worn off. Finding a photo at the end of the day when I wake up to the fact that I have nothing to show, photographically speaking, is an undeniable pressure. And the temptation to forget it…just this once…is becoming more and more seductive. So I need a determination infusion. And lusting after a new digital SLR camera with bigger lenses is one way I’ve found to keep my enthusiasm high.

And yet…the project is giving me more than I am giving it. I simply wait for many of the photos and they appear as if by magic. Others, like the Good Friday buns in the bakery, I have to ask for. Some days it just seems like I have to work hard to find the right photo and other days the photos just come up to me and tap me on the shoulder.

And the commentary has surprised me. The photos are drawing out old memories or silly observations from my ever active brain. The words come almost without thinking, as if they were captured in the photo, and in posting it to the blog I somehow release them and they come tumbling out onto the screen. To come alive. And it is incredibly freeing to realise that I am writing only to please myself. So many years of writing to other’s specifications – lecturers, employers, employees, family, friends and teachers. I had lost sight of writing purely for the pleasure of it. For what it does to and for me. It is a daily gift to myself.

It is hard when I am away from the computer, or unwell, as I have been a couple of times this month. It is harder to post and write several entries at once. But the sense of accomplishment I get from seeing 91 photos posted here, well….that gives me the motivation to continue.


~ by korechronicles on March 31, 2008.

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