April Review

This was the month the 100 photo milestone was reached. I was not just going through the motions this month, I really looked forward to finding my photo each day. My frustration when I was without power for three days and how much I wanted to post my photos was something of a surprise to me. Very often, until then, I had posted my photos quite a few days after the event. It was not really an issue…the goal was always to take a photo each day during this year. The blog became a place to post them…it was not about posting every single day. Yet, more often, the drive to get the photo downloaded, posted and written about on the day, was fiercer and more intense than a month ago.

I am less embarrassed to ask to take photos in odd places, like the supermarket and at the optometrist. I’m more aware of what I’m doing and looking at, as a consequence. The tiny moments, the odd things I see are what I’m looking out to capture through the lens. And the chance to catch them can can very quickly evaporate when I’m not paying attention.

I changed the blog header photo this month when my picture of Corio Bay just cried out to sit at the top of the blog. It is one of my favourite photos of the many I took on while I was in Geelong on a two day training course. I had gone for a late walk and found myself climbing the hill at the end of the beach. I was chatting to a friend on my mobile phone when I came around a bend in the path and saw the bay spread out in front of me. The apricot ribbon of light left bordering the horizon by the now vanished sun gave it just enough colour to wash across the water and infiltrate the gaps in the boardwalk around the swimming area. I finished my call and stood still, trying to catch the subtle changes of fading light on sea for quite some time. The beauty of the city, beginning to light up around me, filled me with peace as I made my way home for tea.


~ by korechronicles on April 30, 2008.

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