136/366 [Fuzzy art]

Art work

Didn’t leave the house today as I was working to a deadline so the photo had to be found (and quickly) in my immediate environment. Several attempts to capture this clearly, failed, as the non-reflective glass did odd things to the finished photo. It looks like I’ve put gauze over the lens. But I can never be unhappy with this picture. I decided to buy it, many years ago, the instant I saw it. Though the children in this painting are very obviously 19th century and French, it brought back a vivid memory of myself at this age in clustered in the corridors of my 19th century built school. Rain pelted down, visible through the door to the playground and I was one of those little people busy pulling on raincoats and putting up umbrellas as their similarly clad mothers arrived to walk them home.


~ by korechronicles on May 15, 2008.

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