First thing that went wrong this week was leaving my camera behind when we went to visit our friends in the country last Sunday. I did not have time to make a three hour round trip back to get it and another kind hearted friend was coming home past this country town on Friday and offered to pick it up for me. I still had my old point and shoot Canon Ixus in a desk drawer so I got it out and recharged the battery, which I used for Sunday and Monday’s photos. I could survive until Friday.

Wednesday night, photo disaster two for the week struck. The Flashcard corrupted after downloading only one photo – Tuesday’s photo. The ones for Wednesday are still, I hope, on the corrupted disc. Which will require specialist help for me to get at. And tonight, after replacing the Flashcard and taking ten photos with it today, the application refuses to download them at all. Game, Set and Match to photo disaster three.

So please enjoy this photo I prepared earlier. Normal transmission will resume as soon as possible.


~ by korechronicles on May 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “[Placeholder]”

  1. Oh that sucks! I had a camera that would always say corrupt disc, drove me crazy. That is so upsetting when you lose pictures. A few months ago all my pictures & videos just disappeared off my computer. It was the strangest thing, they were just gone. I didn’t even get those annoying red x’s or anything. I tried restoring my system & it kept saying nothing changed. Poof & gone! Oh visiting from NaComLeavMo.

  2. Returning your comment thru NCLM. I would love to schedule a meeting- thank you for asking! Perhaps we could discuss something useless, like how to better lose cameras or quality pictures, or maybe even how to lose our supervisors. Beautiful picture. Reminds me of the spring that’s all about us.

  3. Have just tracked you back (sounds ever so stalky, sorry) from Nuts in May. What fabulous, fabulous photos. Most impressed!

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