150/366 [Mungo magnificence]

Mungo painting

Lake Mungo National Park lies at the centre of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage area and has a continuous record of human occupation stretching back over 40,000 years. The cremated skeleton of Mungo Woman was uncovered here in 1969. Rain and wind is responsible for the uncovering of ancient fireplaces and hearths, calcified plants, aboriginal artifacts and stone tools as well as animal bones. This glorious painting, on display in the gallery at my local library, is by artist Lisa Russell. It depicts part of a 33 kilometre long crescent known as the Walls of China where erosion and time have sculpted the sand and clay into dramatic formations. It’s a very long time since I last visited but I cannot forget how it took my breath away.


~ by korechronicles on May 29, 2008.

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