155/366 [Defiant]


It’s cold. It’s foggy. And it’s officially winter here as of three days ago. But this standard wisteria is having none of that. A couple of weeks back it was savaged with a chain saw pruned hard to try and rein in the rampant growth it had put on since spring. It’s obviously sulking now. The fallen leaves from the other, more compliant trees, in the garden have been swept away. This one has it’s arms clasped tightly across it’s chest, it’s bottom lip stuck out mightily and I can almost hear it from the house. “NO! I WON’T!”


~ by korechronicles on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “155/366 [Defiant]”

  1. Oh boy, I can virtually hear it shivering and pulling the blanket round tighter! Hubby prunes like a demon, I have tons of plants sobbing on my shoulder every spring.

  2. This is a really pretty place. I am jealous of the beautiful landscaping. It is spring turning summer here and I really have lots of yard work to do!


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