161/366 [Flagging]


My passion for Australian Rules football was established early, when support for a team was based on where you lived. Then big business got on to it and my faithfully followed team was relocated to Queensland. I tried to stick with them, I really did. Sadly, the tyranny of distance proved too much. Unlikely though it seemed at the time, I managed to transfer my allegiance to the next most local team for me, the Melbourne Demons. This weekend was the club’s 150 birthday celebrations and I took myself off to the match. We were a competitive side last season but we’ve been diabolical this year, winning only one match out of ten played. We did lose again today but at least we weren’t humiliated.


~ by korechronicles on June 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “161/366 [Flagging]”

  1. sorry your team lost!! thanks for your post on my blog, sorry you missed the contest!!

  2. 150 years? Wow.

    Better luck in year 151.

    (Thank you for all the kind comments on my blog. Much appreciated)

  3. Great photo. Sorry they lost. Great blog!

  4. You did not!! You jumped ship as soon as the following season. I followed them north for a couple of years (when they were winning. *grin*) but it was no longer Fitzroy so you rightly jumped off.

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