171/366 [Family]


Lots of debate in these days of political correctness as to what constitutes a family. The traditional social grouping of parents and children? Or the broader idea of people sharing goals and values who are committed to each other and are living together, usually, but not always, in the same house. If you’ve ever studied biological sciences, then families become part of a taxonomy, a class of things below an order and above a genus. And, of course, the many participants in some forms of organised crime consider themselves a family.

A group of persons sharing common ancestry is but one dictionary definition and I had, until my mother’s death, considered mine if not close then at least friendly. Now, it is almost two years since I last spoke to my sisters or brother. My many cousins and friends take up the slack but there are still days when the reality of that absence makes me feel alone and adrift .

(From Middle English familie, taken from the original Latin familia meaning household.)


~ by korechronicles on June 19, 2008.

One Response to “171/366 [Family]”

  1. I struggle with the concept of family in both work and home. Family is so often defined as including at least one child. My son is about to leave home, does that mean my husband and I are no longer a family? And I’m with you on the common ancestry thing as well–my sisters and I used to be so close and now we rarely talk. Are we still family? Interesting questions.

    Lovely blog. I’m here from NCLM

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