172/366 [Not so shrinking violet]

Shrinking violet

When we bought this house, the garden was in disarray. Vines climbed over dead trees, shrubs were riotously out of control and ugly plants battled for supremacy over a few gems. We worked hard to eradicate the weeds, pulled out the trees and shrubs that didn’t suit and planted a new garden around the good bones of the old one. There were no violets in that original garden and we did not plant any but since the first appeared around six years ago they have spread willingly round the garden. Two purple varieties – a small, paler, fragrant one and a taller, darker version. Two years ago, under one of the jacaranda trees, I was delighted to find a white variety. And despite the inhospitable clay soil, packed hard due to the long drought, and of course, the lack of reliable watering, they are back again this year. Making me smile every time I see them.


~ by korechronicles on June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “172/366 [Not so shrinking violet]”

  1. I love violets. I used to have a job where I walked past an abandoned garden on my way to it, and every spring little scented wild violets would grow in it, and make me happy. This photo is so very pretty, and now I am smiling too.

  2. Oh, the difficulties of gardening in clay soil. You could walk out of our house, dig a spadeful from absolutely anywhere, and plonk it straight onto a potter’s wheel.
    I must buy violets.

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