What has WordPress done with the tree?

One of the things I liked about WordPress was how simple it was for someone with little or no technical experience to set up and run a blog. And the best thing for me was how easy it was to get my daily photo up each day. One of things I didn’t like was the unannounced changes which left me scratching my head until I figured out how the new way of doing things. Today the tree icon on the toolbar has gone and I now cannot figure out how to quickly get my pictures into a post. And when I do, I can’t get it to sit in the same place as my 174 previous pictures. And the workarounds I’ve found on the forums all involve html which I can’t use, don’t want to use and have absolutely NO interest in ever learning how to use. So WordPress… are you listening? GIVE ME BACK MY TREE!


~ by korechronicles on June 23, 2008.

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