176/366 [Vampira]

I first gave blood when I was 18. My mother, having a fairly unusual blood sub-group of B negative, convinced me that the blood bank could always use more blood and the chances were good that I, too, could do my community duty and provide more of this rare sub-group. Clearly the study of genetics in her horticulture diploma had been limited to that of plants because I was the proud owner of that most common of groups, O positive, just like my good old dad. It does make me popular at the blood bank as it is the one most usually needed . So here I am, a good long way from that first donation, and still turning up to get my free cuppa and cheese crackers.

PS. WordPress is still playing merry hell with my photos. This was a little blurry in it’s original form but now it is absolutely terrible because my choices were limited to little photo/reasonably clear and bigger photo/blurry as hell. Apologies.



~ by korechronicles on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “176/366 [Vampira]”

  1. Bah to WordPress. Bah!

    Yay for you for being a blood donor! I used to give blood three times a year back in the day. I too am O+. I used to freak H out by saying chirpy things like ‘I like giving blood! It makes me feel good all day! They have biscuits!’.

    (It has also been wonderful practice for all the subsequent endless blood-tests etc. After the drinking-straw-like things they come at you with to get a pint out, all other needles are pffft, nada).

  2. I used to donate blood quite regularly, despite my boring o+ status too.

    Then they decided that, being from the UK, I was clearly absolutely riddled with CJD and now I’m banned.

    Mind you, it’s done wonders for my haemaglobin level…


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