184/366 [Hunting and gathering]

Long day, filled with appointments and places to be. No thought for dinner until I was on my way home. Not as cheap as the Big Two stores, this has a much more gourmet foodie focus on the shelves. So, some interesting Italian cheese, olives, prosciutto, rocket and tomato sugo and I was able to throw four pizzas together and have dinner ready by seven. Cost wise, the local Dominos would have been a better option. But there would not have been that warm glow of smugness from having done it myself.


~ by korechronicles on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “184/366 [Hunting and gathering]”

  1. Oh my, that supermarket front looks awful familiar. It wouldn’t happen to be near a certain hospital would it? Or am I way off base?


  2. Not off base J, you’re spot on. Certain hospital is just a little way up the hill. In internet terms that makes us pretty much next door neighbours.

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