208/366 [Exhibit A]

I’m cat-sitting while my friends are visiting family on the east coast of the US. There is a fancy battery operated cat feeder that opens a new part of the tray once a day so I only need to go to the house a couple of times a week. Their owner left a jar of liver treats on her kitchen bench for me give the cats whenever I visit. It had the same glass bubble top as the other jars on the bench but unfortunately, since my last visit, the cats had taken matters into their own paws and that jar was lying on the kitchen floor. The slate tiled kitchen floor. There were shards of glass across the length and breadth of the kitchen. Neither cat seemed to be limping or bleeding so I cleaned up the mess and left for home. Since I couldn’t open the jar without doing serious injury to my fingers they had to miss out on their treat.


~ by korechronicles on July 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “208/366 [Exhibit A]”

  1. Serves the little rotters right.

    I love the little jars on the left, the tall jars, and then the big kars on the right. It looks very sculptural like that.

  2. The whole house is full of beautiful and stylish little touches like that. And they’ve done virtually all of it themselves. I like to sit and give the cats a bit of attention before I leave and it’s hard to leave the tranquility behind. I always go home feeling like an abject failure in the home decorating department.

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