211/366 [Happy birthday to me]

Given the absolute plethora of seriously ill bad news we’ve had here in the last week I am not going to bemoan turning another year older today. Ever since I escaped death at the hands of a kitchen appliance when I was just nineteen, I have been acutely aware of how lucky I have been able to celebrate many more birthdays and years of wonderful experiences and extraordinary friendships. Given my current dedication to getting my BMI back to something that didn’t have obese writ large at the end of it, I was intending to pass on a birthday cake. But what would a birthday be without a cake? And a chocolate mud cake at that. So since it was late in the day and I drew the line at writing my own birthday greetings on my cake, I settled for placing the candles in the shape of my initial and blowing them all out. And pretending I was twelve to match the candles.


~ by korechronicles on July 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “211/366 [Happy birthday to me]”

  1. Happy, happy birthday! And may every day be lovelier than the day before.

    And there is no way in heck that a girl should have to forgo cake on her very own birthday.

    (A kitchen appliance? The mind boggles).

  2. Big Big Big Happy Birthday! And Many Happy Returns.
    You should have your cake AND eat it. With all the crumbs. Yummy.
    What… erm…. what appliance WAS this, exactly?

  3. I tried to include a picture of the Guilty Party but my technical skills were not up to the job. So you will have to settle for googling “Sunbeam Mixmaster’. The bloody thing had an exposed wire upon which I put my thumb thereby ensuring a full 240 volt current made several revolutions of my good self. And I was only trying to make a chocolate cake!

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