212/366 [Blossom burst]

I always feel the imminence of spring somewhere around the middle of August when the air becomes fragrant with the scent of flowers and bulbs and the light begins to brighten at the end of the day. But, always, as I drive around the suburbs I find patches of spring when it is still clearly winter, with the cold seeping in everywhere, frosts in the morning as we head off for our walk and the dull greyness of the day. For the last couple of weeks the sheer pinkness of these blossoms glowing so brightly from their home garden on the bend of the road, have caught my eye as I drive down the hill to my house. It never fails to make me smile and remember my dad’s nickname for me as a very little girl – Blossom, shortened to Bloss or Blossy. I told him it was a good name for a cow but it never stopped him from continuing to use it. It might have been more accurate if he had changed it to Bossy.


~ by korechronicles on July 30, 2008.

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