233/366 [Wide blue yonder]

When the wind is blowing in the right direction we are under the approach path for Melbourne Airport. At night I love to see the little sets of lights appear over the Kinglake Ranges and begin their gradual descent. Some days, when the cloud cover is low, I can hear them but not see them, passing overhead. I think about the passengers, some arriving to a new place, others returning home. And whenever I am flying into Melbourne, the geography nerd in me never tires of trying to figure out where I am and how many local landmarks I can find.


~ by korechronicles on August 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “233/366 [Wide blue yonder]”

  1. Oh, fabulous photo. I want to be there. It looks so amazingly peaceful. Must now dig through iTunes and find ‘I’ll fly away’ and play it seventeen times.

  2. I have a definite ‘who are you, where are you going, isn’t travel fabulous’ feeling when I see planes drifting across the sky in the evening. And the loveliest landing I can remember was into a hot country at dusk, with the swimming pools making the occasional splash of limpid blue.

    Of course, I am now scared witless of flying, and need virtually knocking out, Mr T-fashion, before boarding a plane. So much nicer just to look up and wonder…

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