[August review]

Since the July review is still languishing at the bottom of the WordPress drafts folder as I write, my Inner Perfectionist (IP) is screaming loudly that I need to complete that one and post it before beginning a review for August. Along with my 366 project, wrestling my Inner Perfectionist to the ground and putting her in a fatal headlock is one of my stated intentions for 2008. So in the spirit of Devil May Care and So What If It’s Not Done in Order, I bring you my summary of the eighth month of daily photos.

The IP had already put up a valiant fight this month when I unintentionally deleted the very photo I had planned to use and she used the opportunity to unleash a veritable tirade telling me how much she hated the other options and I must do everything, EVERYTHING, in my weak little human power to get it back. Multiple attempts later, that elusive and now somehow magical photo has not reappeared and my blog posts for the last ten days are also missing in action. And IP was not about to easily give up her Constant Improvement To Unrealistic Standards Programme and the concommitant opportunity to bitch about it at length to the only brain available to her. Mine.

So there was a lot of ignoring the Siren Blog Call and fingers in my ears while singing nursery rhymes loudly and at length to try and drown her out until the laptop co-operatively threw a screen tantrum and prevented me from getting onto the internet at all. And in the quiet, little breathing space this afforded me, my resolve to embrace the random and imperfect returned. Just in time to capture the joys of spring. And my sanity.

I am more than two thirds of the way there. Some days I am sure I will not find anything interesting or different to photograph. And yes, some of my photos of household objects have been taken at one minute to midnight. Over the rude shouts of IP that I am breaching Known Ethical Standards of Project 366 Photography. And if you listen very carefully, you might just hear my muttered and equally rude response as I tell her to just Bugger Off Go Away.


~ by korechronicles on August 31, 2008.

One Response to “[August review]”

  1. Inner Perfectionists. Oh God. They are so very very horrible. I feel for you.

    Anyway, household objects at midnight are Quietly Interesting, especially when they are someone else’s household objects.

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