252/366 [Evening dreaming]

To save the deposit for our first house, Senior Householder and I moved in with his parents for a year. Partly to deal with work stress and partly to get out from under the feet of my mother-in-law, I developed the habit of taking a walk before dinner. Perhaps because I was so acutely aware of our lack of a home to call our own, I noticed a lot about the lives lived in the houses I passed on my walk. In the summer, I could hear the life of families going on through the open windows and doors, but it was in the winter, when the shapes at lighted windows or drifting behind closed curtains triggered my imagination, that I felt so far off achieving what these unknown families had. Tonight, as I walked across my garden in the dark to collect a watering can,  that feeling came back to me momentarily as I passed by this window.


~ by korechronicles on September 8, 2008.

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