259/366 [I’ve been busy]

For the past seven Monday mornings I have been enjoying a hands-on class making beautiful hand made books. I know I can pick up one much more cheaply at my local stationary store but there is something immensly satisfying to sit with paper and thread and stitch them together to make a book. The miniature books on the right were a lot of fun because they were so quick to make. I do have several unfinished projects from previous classes, but this time I have seven completed books. Now, over the next couple of months, I plan to make a day book with enough pages for each of my 366 photos. That will keep my need to create busy until I can re-enrol for 2009.


~ by korechronicles on September 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “259/366 [I’ve been busy]”

  1. The books are really neat! Looks like that would be a lot of fun to do. :0) Are they all done with paper? The one on the left looks like leather and is really cool looking!

    Thanks for commenting over on my blog. Thanks for the good wishes and your thoughts. I know this should make some really positive changes for me – but still, hysterectomy at 40 is a little overwhelming. Any advice going in? Things you wish you had known? I’m doing this for the same reasons, endo and adeno, and praying I get to keep at least one ovary.

  2. These are fantastic! I love that you are going to make an album of your 366 project – what can we expect for 2009? 366 again? Because there is no way you’re stopping now!

  3. JuliaS – you have a good eye. The book on the left is a painter’s journal with a soft leather cover and linen thread stitching on the spine. The wrap binding is fastened through a handmade (not by me) glass bead. This is probably my favourite book from this series of classes.

  4. I’m in love. I’m in lust. Those are beautiful, and I’m a stationary nut anyway….

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