[September review]

It seems like it has been a really loooonnnnnggggg month.  I somehow managed to have my laptop screen overheat and then melt so it was unreadable. I took on a short term project which required me to travel to the city regularly. This increased my photo taking opportunities but cut into my blog reading and writing time significantly. And once I’m behind it is far too easy to think that I will catch up as soon as I can get an hour or so on the computer. Most of the time, I’m dreaming.

The replacement computer is a 5 year old laptop. It is slow and creaky but it is keeping me connected and is nothing if not reliable. Downloading my photos takes ages as I have been taking so many. Converting them to smaller files for posting chews up more time. And getting something written and uploading them to this blog is also markedly slower on Old Reliable. So getting caught up becomes yet another thing on the “I must do” list. There are some photos from August that have not yet made it onto the blog and won’t until my broken computer returns home. And somehow, often, I seem to find something more urgent but less important to do.

This  month brought me to a significant point of the project. On Tuesday 22nd September I found myself looking at only 99 shots to the end of the year and this project. It seems to have slotted into the routine of my life and while some days the photo is reluctant to make itself known and I feel sure I will be anxiously scanning my house for a photo at the end of the day, there are equally as many days when I have a surfeit of riches from which to choose. There are more times nowadays when I hear my mental voice saying “You’ve already done enough sunsets/tree photos/picket fences/words or signs.  You’ve done signs to death”. But then I see one more that makes me laugh, or stop what I’m doing, or makes me think and I have to add it to the ones already on display.

Three months and ninety-two photos to go. That’s plenty of opportunity for more photos of signs.


~ by korechronicles on September 30, 2008.

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