[Becoming a habit]

I had it on Saturday night. I could not find it Sunday morning. It has not yet turned up despite my best efforts and in 61 minutes time it will be Thursday. I am using my other cameras to keep the daily photos coming but I sure miss having my favourite to hand.

And it seems our wireless router has finally given up bouncing those internet signals around Villa Kore. My mobile broadband, finally activated after six totally unused months, does not have the firepower to upload the latest pictures. So, another posting hiatus ensues.

~ by korechronicles on October 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “[Becoming a habit]”

  1. In Japan, they would tell you ‘Gunbatte!’ – keep going, you’re nearly there! Losing the favourite camera is a blow, but nothing you can’t overcome.

  2. My mobile ‘broadband’ is more in the carrier pigeon level of function….and it’s all I have. Quelle frustration, daily 🙂


  3. hope you find it!

  4. We’re forever losing everything. It’s our own fault, we live in such a pigsty. It’s a common sight to see one of us galloping frantically from room to room like a demented bluebottle, upending piles of junk in search of a lost treasure that was there ‘just the other day’. We’re hopeless.

    I’m sure Villa Kore is tidier than Hairy Mansions by quite a margin – it’ll turn up soon!

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