[Still waiting]

Have not found my camera. Have limited internet. Send help soonest.

~ by korechronicles on October 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “[Still waiting]”

  1. Neeeee Naaaaah Neeeee Naaaaah Neeeee Naaaaah SCCCRREEEEEEECH!
    That was me arriving, with help. AND blue flashing lights, except you couldn’t hear that bit.

    Try under the passenger seat! I thought my iPod had been nicked a while back – then it rolled out from under the seat several months later. I also once had a satsuma roll out of my shopping bag, and onto the soft crown of my furry winter hat – which had also migrated under there. It promptly went rotten, and ruined the hat. The point is, everything I lose seems to magically burrow its way under there.

    I do hope internet gremlin leaves you alone soon!

  2. Oooh……

    I’d offer my carrier-pigeon quality internet, but I’m using it at the moment to deal with being constantly wrong-footed by estate agents ringing up about properties my husband has been viewing online.

    Why only today I have fielded five calls, and I’m pretty sure htye all think I’m mental because I talked about the same house to all of them….ANd now when I think about it (after coffee), it’s clear it’s likely five different houses and not a very enthusiastic vendor.

    Oh dear.


  3. oh that’s a real bummer… hope you find the camera and solve internet woes.

    [I’m making my rounds visiting potential cross-pollination sites, btw – hi!]

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