290/366 [This technological vendetta has to stop]

1. Laptop screen melts

2. Laptop goes to be repaired

3. Get laptop back

4. Lose Misplace camera

5. Router breaks down. Cannot blog.

6. Find camera. Download all photos taken since (1)

7. Buy and install new router

8. Bluetooth not working on laptop, attempt fix

9. During (8) touchpad stops working

10 Does not spontaneously begin working again

11. Kick desk and prepare to return to (2)

I told you there was a disturbance in the force at Villa Kore. I’m leaving it behind and going here tomorrow.


~ by korechronicles on October 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “290/366 [This technological vendetta has to stop]”

  1. I would probably consider selling a kidney to come with you. What stunning, stunning scenery. The penguin parade sounds like something I would certainly sell HUBBY’s kidney to see, too. And I love koalas. Love love love.

  2. Oh.

    I’d say give it a thump to attempt Manual Repair, but perhaps no….



  3. Is the Technology Revolution (as in, your technology, it is revolting) still going on? Oh how I feel for you. I lost Main Computer, took one evening to transfer happily to Laptop, and STILL wailed like someone having her leg sawn off with a blunt spoon.

    Sending ‘cooperate, damn you’ vibes around the globe.

    I hope you were suitably rewarded with penguins of astonishing cuteness and photogenicity. Is that a word? Never mind. It is now.

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