292/366 [Smith’s Beach 9.30am]

We’d all had a good laugh late last night, between glasses of Bailey’s and handfuls of lollies, at the idea we might get up and walk some of our excesses off before breakfast. I’m usually the goody two shoes that goes out at dark o’clock and gets back, all sweaty and virtuous , as everyone else is sitting down to a cooked breakfast. I’m clearly mellowing as I did not stir until my room-mates knocked on my door at 30 seconds to eight to let me know they were heading off to the dining room for breakfast. After throwing on my exercise gear and joining them at the table, a random group of us walked around the back of the resort and along the dirt road to the nearest beach. Some turned for home after admiring the surfers pulling on their wetsuits before heading into the waves but one of our group took off running along the sand to the rocky outcrops that marked the end of the beach. The rest of us ambled along, chatting about nothing much, until we reached the same point. A couple of us picked up shells but I was content with the artistic way the seaweed was draped across the sand. It was a calm start to a lovely day.


~ by korechronicles on October 18, 2008.

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