294/366 [Accident prone]

The Sporty One at Villa Kore has, in recent years, lurched from one serious injury to another. You can see the evidence in the ring finger on this hand which is no longer straight after a football to the top of the finger shattered both top and bottom. The emergency department of Large Public Hospital Nearby made a complete dog’s breakfast of the first operation and two further rounds of plastic surgery have not succeeded in restoring it to normal look or function. And in between there was the complete knee reconstruction from footy again and a titanium prosthetic elbow joint from a cricket injury. So I understood the level of denial when the middle finger of this hand turned black after team training three weeks ago and the willingness to believe it merely sprained. But x-rays do not lie and tomorrow the surgeon will decide whether more surgery and the subsequent long and painful rehabiltation is required.


~ by korechronicles on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “294/366 [Accident prone]”

  1. Oh Very Much Dear indeed. It’s not as if hands aren’t a sensitive part of the body either; that must be so seriously ouchy. Soothing balm thoughts to the sufferer. And a prolonged case of genital warts to the surgeon who ballsed the other finger up to begin with.

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