305/366 [Robyn’s on Crusoe]

The beach is quiet in the early morning although the shafts of sunlight already carry the heavy weight of the heat to come. The waves are choppy and unpredictable with a strong undertow pulling to the left. I give up on the body boarding, my shins grazed from the sand, my arms aching from battling the surf. Slowly, I follow the footprints across the packed wet sand where the waves erase some and leave others, adding my own. A disorganised stream of stops and starts, big and small, neat and untidy, deep and shallow, turnarounds and vanishings. The ones with little doggy paws alongside, the tiny, three pronged leaves left by birds. The tide will turn soon. And tomorrow there will be new footprints to be made.


~ by korechronicles on October 31, 2008.

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