306/366 [Hectic]

We had skipped breakfast and driven out to an Antique and Collectibles Fair, spending more than a couple of hours wandering around. The day was becoming steadily hotter and eventually my mobile phone rang ordering me to finish my aimless wandering and get back to the car. Immediately, if not sooner. My tired feet were happy to oblige and the air conditioned car was a welcome relief. In many Australian country towns, the one place you can be sure of getting a meal after 1pm on a Saturday is the local RSL club. The food was just as we expected but the decor was something else again. It reminded me of the way the Senior Household Member likes to dress. There is nothing much wrong with any one individual item that he pulls out of the wardrobe. It’s just that they fail spectacularly to combine into anything but a monumental style disaster when he puts them on.


~ by korechronicles on November 1, 2008.

One Response to “306/366 [Hectic]”

  1. But we love him all the same! Tell me, are you just checking to see if he’s paying attention? Blogs are good like that…

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