308/366 [Looks easy]

We watched them moving along the beach from a long way off. The wind was a strong southerly and we had to work hard walking into it. The wind would grab the kites and the riders would go zipping out beyond the breakers and then ride them back into shore. Once or twice the riders were lifted up into the air but they swung the kites towards the wind and eased themselves back into the waves. Even though one of our party is old enough to know better and cannot swim AT ALL, he thought he’d like to give this a try. Looked like a lot of fun, he thought. I thought so too, but I’m certain this activity is much, much harder than these lads made it look.

~ by korechronicles on November 3, 2008.

One Response to “308/366 [Looks easy]”

  1. Oh, that DOES look fun! Hard on the shoulders though, I should think.
    Sorry no reply to email… main PC with email has broke, and is in bits on the carpet. All I have is a laptop with jittery intermittent internet. What is WITH all the technology lately?

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