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I find it interesting how much I have learned about my son through his journey through school.  Yes, I have learned all about the Special Education system–that has been an interesting journey in itself.  But, I am talking about things that I have found out through his homework and school work.   For instance, I have found out that “…some chores I have are picking up dad’s dishes he leaves in the living room…”(third grade) and mom makes dinner “by putting it the microwave, then putting it into the freezer to cool it down, cuz it is too hot…” (kindergarten)

This year, I have read a very wonderful essay on Fall and how much he loves it.  Not only does it mirror my feelings about autumn, but he also mentioned how “we gather leaves and sometimes my mom will iron them out and we display them”.  Something that I thought he did not remember (since we did not do it last year). Something I have done with him since he was old enough to walk.  Something I thought was not really a big deal.

He had to do a time-line of his life, mentioning 7-10 events (which is kinda funny since he is not yet 10 years old!).  Two of the things he came up with surprised me. One was the time we went to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Convention.  He was about 3 1/2 years old.  He remembered hanging out with Spike and Willow look a-likes, meeting “Tara”.  He remembered the hotel had leaks and spiders (it was one of the worst hotel experiences we have had).  He also remembered when he got stitches in his nose.  (Daycare incident with a pre-school basket ball hoop).  He remembers getting the stitches (it tickled) when dad took him to the hospital and he remembered that I had all his stuffed animals in the kitchen to greet him and wish him well when he got home. Things I thought he was too young to remember.

I have learned what color he likes, that he hates to draw charts, hates to write the math problem down.  I have learned that my son is one smart, charming individual.  I have learned that he is not only learning, but also growing.  And I am learning every day what type of wonderful person he is going to become.

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~ by korechronicles on November 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “[A guest blog entry, brought to you by The Great Blog Cross-Pollination]”

  1. I’m totally stumped.

    A bit depressing given I did the matching, eh? 🙂


  2. I’m really honoured to have this Mystery Poster on my blog. She writes beautifully of one of my favourite aspects of parenthood and how sometimes what seems like insignificant or stressful moments in our lives become the moments that our children will cherish into adulthood. And her boy does sound wonderful!

  3. Gotta be Delenn. Don’t know any other bloggers who would have brought their 3-year-olds to a Buffy Con.

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