317/366 [Rockin’ with the oldies]


The Senior Household Member at Villa Kore is somewhat unadventurous in his musical choices. He loves to sing but the lyrics he comes up with only bear a passing resemblance to those the songwriter intended and if he hits two right notes he’s having a Good Musical Day. On the other hand, I learnt both piano and music theory, have sung in choirs of various types at various times and have what is best described as eclectic musical tastes. I began to listen to classical music stations on my car stereo many years ago – I found the playlists tended to provide a background of calm and harmony that all the passengers, small and largest, absorbed and did not bring about the frenzied conflict that resulted when the popular music genre of the day was blaring through the car. Seems we were on the right track. SHM, however, sneeringly referred to it as sounding like a cat on a barbecue.

So when he developed a music crush on Andre Rieu after discovering his showman style and spectacular presentation on Pay-TV, I was surprised by his insistence on getting tickets for one of the Melbourne concerts. That was nearly a year ago and tonight we enjoyed a night filled with fun and music, even if many of his fans are, ahem, quite ancient, somewhat mature. And one of the Mozart pieces made me cry – his Rondo Alla Turca was my late brother’s signature piano exam piece, just as that pesky Fur Elise was mine. Hearing it played tonight brought an unexpected tearful moment.


~ by korechronicles on November 13, 2008.

One Response to “317/366 [Rockin’ with the oldies]”

  1. Totally off topic here- but you’re in the 300’s now.

    What ARE you going to do at the end of the project? Inquiring minds want to know where they’ll get their piccy fix.


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