330/366 [Down the drain]


Our house is set on the low side of the road and ever since we moved into it many years ago, the Senior Household Member has worried about flooding when we get those rains Dorothea Mackellar waxed lyrical about. We never had a problem until the budget finally stretched to getting a professional in to pave the driveway. They spent hours together working out the angles and direction of water flow before deciding where to put the drainage pits and grates. Ever since, in a downpour such as we endured this past weekend, water flows under the garage door and the grates block up with dead eucalypt leaves. It sends The Senior One out into the rain, seeking in vain for ways to turn back the tide. I told him he should have left well enough alone.


~ by korechronicles on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “330/366 [Down the drain]”

  1. Bugger. The picture isn’t loading, but commiserations on the wet garage.

    I guess it’s no good gleefully saying ‘but we need the rain!’ is it?

    Because it’s the water catchments that need it, not your household. 🙂


  2. Sorry about the picture…but it is just a picture of a drain. Obviously the blog has taken offence at the prosaic nature of the photograph and refused to be contaminated by it.

    It is more likely an ISP problem. We are with that mob that start with O and end in S and when they decide we have reached some download limit each month, an arbitrary figure clearly known only to them, they shut us down to a speed more like a carrier pigeon flying into a 90 knot head wind. And interfere mightily with photograph up or downloads.

    How this works, since our plan says UNLIMITED and I always though that meant without limits, I am unsure but The Boy cracked it last night and promised to find me an internet provider that keeps his promises. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. It’s downloaded about half a brick’s worth! They look very nice bricks, too.

    Our garage is dug, in a desultory fashion, into a solid clay slope, mid-way up a hill. When it rains (passing over the leaking havoc inside) the water pours down the hill and around the back of the garage, and gets stuck. I have previously been obliged to send Hubby out in the dark, in the howling wind, in the pouring rain, with a spade. His drainage channels are not neat, but they have succeeded in diverting most of the run-off.

    Unfortunately, the week after he accomplished this, a spring welled up next door, and is now flowing briskly across our drive and downhill. ARSE.

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