334/366 [Centre of the Red Centre]


I passed this dynamic sculpture as I walked to lunch at Southgate along the northern bank of the Yarra as I have many times since it was installed in 2006. Maybe it’s because I am often pushed for time or there has been a crowd of noisy people about but today was the first time I became aware of the sound it makes when the wind blows. It is made up of 300 red and yellow rods that sway and bend in the wind. It is meant to evoke the Australian landscape and at night, when it is illuminated, represents “the fire that both destroys and gives life to the Australian outback”. I stopped for a moment to listen more carefully and the swishes and gentle clicking of the rods as they shifted against each other created a kind of musical score that calmed my usually frenetic spirit.

~ by korechronicles on November 29, 2008.

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