340/366 [That jolly old elf]


I was positive this morning as I threw my camera into my basket that my photo today would be an easy one to find. After all, I was going to be out and about for the whole day, driving to a beachside town some 90 minutes away. New environment = great photo opportunities. The day itself did not disappoint…great company, beautiful weather, a lovely picnic lunch at which each contributed plate came from someone who loves food and knows how to cook it, an excursion to a wonderful store with stunning antique furniture and unusual bits and pieces. Some of which were clearly destined to be the prefect gift for friends. The trip home took a good bit longer than the trip down as we hit peak hour traffic as we returned to the city freeways. I knew The Senior Household Member would not have made dinner and it required more brain power than I was generating at that point to think of something acceptable. So I stopped at my favourite Chinese takeway where this enormously plastic decoration had pride of place on the waiting room table. It was then I realised I had not taken my camera out of the bag once and was now looking at the only choice I had left. Old magazines and squashed ornament notwithstanding.

~ by korechronicles on December 5, 2008.

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