342/366 [Care for a mince pie?]


Good thing we made a plan to get out to the Yarra Glen Market early this morning. Not only was the traffic unbearable by 9.30am but the Christmas goodies were disappearing faster than bargains at the New Year Sales. Table centrepieces, door wreaths, fresh flowers, cherries, chocolate and ye olde reliable Christmas cakes and puddings.  These mince pies were no exception and there was a bit of nudging and giggling before I asked the owner of Farmhouse Pies and Pastries if he would mind me taking my daily photo. The pies co-operated by standing still while I took the shot and not even a tiny puff of icing sugar was damaged in the process. I did have a mental image of me dropping the camera straight in the middle of these regimental rows.


~ by korechronicles on December 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “342/366 [Care for a mince pie?]”

  1. nom nom nom

    I’ll be baking fruit mince pies towards the end of the week, I want to get at least 6, maybe 9, dozen done before Saturday.

  2. My lake of dribble will be with you shortly!
    Mince pies are my all-time favourite.

  3. I love mince pies I love mince pies love love love mmmm dang it there isn’t a mince pie in the house what have you done to me? I see late-night trips to supermarket in pyjama bottoms and it’s all your fault.

  4. I missed you at the market last Sunday obviously. Delanie and I went much later (traffic was fine – you mob must have gone home by then.) You had obviously purchased all these fruit mince pies as I never spied such a delicious sight when we were there.
    Can’t believe “mimbles” will make so many. My hat off to her/him? I have made my first christmas pudding today – long process needing 6 hours of boiling. Have to make a second tomorrow as both sides of our family meeting on separate days and guess which buny is making the pudding both times?

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