352/366 [The ugly reality]


Not the most attractive photo I’ve taken this year but…it’s part of the story of this year and demands to be included. Not going to bore you with the gory details, it’s uncomfortable at times but the magic pills are helping.  Problem is, I have two feet looking like this. For at least six weeks. And the word patient has never, ever been applicable to me and my behaviour. Well, at least the purple and silver fit the Christmas theme at Villa Kore. I think I’ll add tinsel.


~ by korechronicles on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “352/366 [The ugly reality]”

  1. Oh My Gawd!!!
    POOR YOU! Poor poorly you. Wishing you the very quickest recovery ever in the entire history of foot ops.
    *virtual flowers & grapes*

  2. Oh, Kore, your poor feet. Though I like the purple bandages and fetching toe-cage. I wish I could fetch you a cushion and a mug of cocoa and open and/or close the curtains that vital half-inch for you and bring you freshly-killed grapes or something.

    Best wishes for a nice Christmas with your feet up and everyone dancing attendance on you and treating you like Royalty. And if they don’t treat you like Royalty, let me have their contact details and I will set fire to their ear-wax.

    Both feet? At once? Oy. At least it gets it over and done with. Here’s to a speedy recovery and lovely comfortable feet to dance through 2009 in.

    (Woah. I think I just offered you socks (see email)).

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