358/366 [Bubbles]

img_5681_1Not the expensive champagne kind, sadly. Still, it was a nice contribution to a simple al fresco dinner on our pool deck tonight. And probably better for me given the heavy duty, post-surgery medication I am taking on a regular basis.


~ by korechronicles on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “358/366 [Bubbles]”

  1. Poor, poor hop-along. I thought of you the other night when I was scrabbling in a drawer at 3am, searching vainly for painkillers, on the basis that if you mailed me some of yours, they’d probably get here quicker than me getting into the car and heading to the all-night garage. And then I remembered that youngster’s cupboard is full of paracetomol and ibruprofen, and if you drink half a pint of it, it equates to an adult dose. Ah!

    The table looks beautiful, and the mere thought of an al fresco dinner (on a pool deck! a real pool deck!) makes me exceedingly, painfully jealous. I would love some heat on the old bones just at present. Mind you, I hear it was 42 around Perth a few days ago. Phew! Too much heat. Bones frying.

  2. And, and, and, I absolutely love the bubbles sat on the lime. I can never get anything that close-up focussed right. I could just reach right into the screen for a nice slurp.

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