366/366 [It’s over]



~ by korechronicles on December 31, 2008.

9 Responses to “366/366 [It’s over]”

  1. Finish… My, that’s a big sad word. With some off-the-wall definitions, too!

    Our email is still conked out (after many days of wrastling with it), which is why you have not received the ‘Thank You Thank You Thank You OMG They Were Lovely & Australia Mail ROCKS’ email. Parcel arrived the day before Christmas Eve, which I feel is a triumph of the postal service, and meant that Harry was able to be fastened into his festive wardrobe additions for about… ooo, three minutes, before actually noticing. Whereupon they were hurled (lovingly, I’m sure) to the floor. He then proceeded to carry the hat about with him for a while, but fiercely resisted any attempts to re-apply. Sigh. The chocolates were delicious: thank you so very much indeed. I have one left that I am saving for tonight, as the diet really kicks in tomorrow. Have gained 5 pounds now. Horrors!

  2. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  3. You made it — well done!

  4. Congratulations. I only became acquainted with the link to find your project after a certain tap concert and have clicked in regularly since to check (plus looked at archive for days like my own birthday). Well done. I too gave myself an aim for an entire year and completed it successfully on December 31. Well done to both of us.

  5. What an achievement! Congratulations and party poppers and champagne!

    Please please stick around for 2009 too, whether you do photographs or just, you know, BLOG, or something, anything at all. The Internets Need You.

    (The chocolates! The chocolates! SQUEEEEEEEE! Also, St. H is very happy and thinks you must be wonderful indeed).

  6. To all at Villa Kore and especially to our favourite photographer – Happy New Year, best of everything to you all! Well done for 366, I look forward to whatever comes next.

    Lots of love coming to you from Japan…

  7. Wow. That is just so awesome, that you finished doing what you started. Congratulations.

    …. and I probably would have named that inflatable whale Shamu as well. We can be old farts together. xo

  8. I am so impressed. A photo a day is a truly remarkable achievement. Your blog is fantastic to go through the back archives, too, because they’re all really good (insert green eyed jealousy here).

    Now as for ideas for THIS year since clearly I shan’t permit you to stop blogging (and own you return pressie, I just remembered. Am Very Bad Computer Friend.)…I like your idea of weekly theme. Or perhaps simply random blogging? Or colours or anything 🙂


  9. […] fact she has completed five full years and I have still have not posted the outstanding shots from the one year I did actually finish. I can only hope that I will do better this year. And get those missing shots onto the […]

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