Lower Plenty:3093/07:23:05 am [Newbies]


We usually have these little guys here in the spring. It seems that this year Mum and Dad Wood Duck decided on a second go around. The sound of them peeping loudly as they tried to get out of the pool was what woke me this morning. Most of them manage to utilise the board we put on the shallow step, but there is always one, who just can’t manage to find it, or follow the others, or even learn from experience. And today was no exception. After watching Mother Duck get in and out of the water countless times to help Slowest and Dimmest Duckling out I lost patience and arranged a housebrick stepping stone. SADD smacked hard into the brick a couple of times before getting the tiniest wing tip on top and, cute webbed feet waving madly, clambered to safety. Mission accomplished!

340. Turkey or Fowl


~ by korechronicles on January 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “Lower Plenty:3093/07:23:05 am [Newbies]”

  1. What a cute photo! I hope they don’t wind up on someone’s dinner plate!

  2. Wonderful image – just sooooo darn cute! Great catch!

  3. Aren’t they cute!

  4. Beautiful image and a great story – I can just see SADD struggling onto the brick.

  5. Great photo of the family! I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to help them out and to tell about it.

  6. Great story, Robyn. I like how much detail you can see in the water, complete with ripples around each duckling…

  7. Golly. Decaplets.

  8. Sorry May, they are actually nonuplets.

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