Lower Plenty: 3093/06:44:40 pm [Happy hour]


It has been a mild summer thus far and for this small mercy I am grateful. My feet are encased in woolly surgical padding and multiple layers of stretchy dressing. It is like wearing mini Ugg boots 24/7. Today the temperature began to climb and the forecast for tomorrow predicts 37C (98.6F). Given my limited mobility, including a total ban on driving, I have to find the themed photo where I can. So tonight it’s the ice cubes clinking in my glass. Slainte!

292. Snow or ice


~ by korechronicles on January 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Lower Plenty: 3093/06:44:40 pm [Happy hour]”

  1. Cheers, me dear! Your poor, poor incarcerated footsies. Do hope they are not down to be much longer in dressings; it sounds like absolutely no fun at all.

  2. Cool idea for the theme – love the texture in the picture! I am so jealous – it is warm there! Today we are supposed to be 5F below 0 – we make our ice cubes outside – ha!!

  3. Great shot!! Love the designs in the ice.

  4. That is a lovely shot and the very best way to find ice.

  5. Colorful, fun shot – and I hope your feet are freed from their prison soon. I was in a cast from ankle to knee last summer and it was not fun.

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