Lower Plenty: 3093/6:47:07 pm [Tried and true]


Galileo is credited with the invention of an instrument to measure temperature and although there is no precise date, it is believed to have been sometime between 1593 and 1603. He called it a “termoscopio”  and it was the forerunner of the common thermometer. This modern example seems to work like magic with the coloured spheres bobbing up and down the glass tube but it is simply based on Archimede’s Principle. A body floating in a fluid sinks with a rise in temperature as the specific density of the fluid decreases. The lowest floating sphere shows the temperature. It is a rough approximation since it is calibrated in 2C increments but seems to reflect the official temperature. As long as it doesn’t get higher than 30C since that’s when it runs out of spheres.

317. Temperature


~ by korechronicles on January 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “Lower Plenty: 3093/6:47:07 pm [Tried and true]”

  1. Lovely colors! I didn’t recognize it up close until I read your explanation.

  2. Very cool idea for the theme. This is a beautiful image, love the liquid colors, the glass and the composition – really, really cool image! Nice job!

  3. Great idea for the theme and you did a great job with composing this image! I wish I had thought of it…I have one of those and all the little containers inside are shaped like hearts and full of red liquid. It’s really pretty accurate.

  4. Lovely colors and shapes. A much prettier thermometer than the one I posted yesterday!

  5. great shot for the theme…love all the colours and the blown glass look…very interesting indeed! nicely done!

  6. Very beautiful. Love the colors, the curves, and perspective…all of it!

  7. I love these things. My best friend at primary school had one – well, her Dad did – and I used to beg to go over after school just so I could look at it. I still think they are magic.

  8. As always insanely jealous of your photography.

    Especially since I’ve gone through my own photos to make canvasses for the walls of New House and drawn a blank.



  9. Wow – this is really cool – and colorful!

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