[A mystery to me]

Not sure why I have been suffering so severely from Blog Avoidance Syndrome this past week. Given that my days are taken up with doing very little, I cannot claim time constraints. And it is my feet that are bandaged and out of action, not my fingers. I am feeling much better than I was so I cannot claim illness or medication has held me back. I can’t even say that procrastination has been at fault – I’m not promising myself I will do it later, I’m just letting things slide. Good old Inner Perfectionist has been chattering away, reminding me of the gaps on the blog archive, and the housework that is now five weeks in arrears but I’m just staring her down.

I have read a couple of good books, and done some writing, and been continuing to take photos. I have less than a week before I get a little bit of my old, mobile life back and it isn’t a moment too soon. Today, I set myself some big goals for the next hundred days and getting caught up here is one of them. Wish me luck.


~ by korechronicles on January 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “[A mystery to me]”

  1. I do wish you luck as I am really enjoying your pictures! You have a talent!

  2. Being stuck in the house introduces a degree of lassitude – it’s unnerving and refreshing at the same time. With a broken ankle, I let lots of computer work slide, but took the time to read and enjoy being passive. Don’t feel guilty – just enjoy the time. You’ll get back to a faster pace soon enough.

  3. Good luck with your 100-day goals. You’ll be back in full swing before you know it…

  4. Sorry you’re not feeling well…Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Good Luck with your goals…but I know you’re not going to need it…you’ll get them done without! Care to share the titles of the good books you’ve read?

  6. It’s the “grumps” it will pass and you will be back on form in no time. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

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