Doncaster:3108/5:51:47pm [Heaped hearts…]


…can Valentine’s Day be far behind? Today I got to go out and indulge in some retail therapy, courtesy of Life Partner who put aside his deep antipathy for shops other than ones that sell bicycles, and not only took me to a local mall but helped me to a complementary motorised scooter on which I could terrify anyone who might wander across my path. It was fantastic after five weeks of virtual house arrest. And the best part?  My youngest child has a part time job in this centre and the look on The Boy’s face when I came around the corner as he was serving a customer and beeped at him was utterly priceless. I’m going to be an absolute menace in my dotage.

255. Red


~ by korechronicles on January 23, 2009.

8 Responses to “Doncaster:3108/5:51:47pm [Heaped hearts…]”

  1. I lvoe these red hearts – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Glad you got out – I remember how wonderful it felt to get out of the house when I had a broken ankle last summer.

  2. Wonderful story of your escapades. Gave me a good chuckle to imagine your tearing around the mall. But your photo is making me crave chocolate!

  3. Ohhh! I love red and I love candy and I love Valentine’s Day!


  4. LOVE your RED heaped hearts!!! Perfect for red!

  5. This picture I love. You take the everyday and make it special. WIsh I had the knack.

    Still perusing your archives, too, after your very kind offer 🙂


  6. I love your story and your shot, hope the healing keeps pace.

  7. What a wonderful image, red and chocolate, you have won my heart!!

  8. Ahh, motor scooters are the best! I wants one for my lazy little self! The only time I ever actually seriously considered using one – and in retrospect, I certainly shouldn’t have been walking – was in July 07, 6 months pregnant and waddling around the Royal Show in scorching heat with pelvic ligaments going Ping! every few yards, and my tortured lop-sided tummy muscles screaming. I stopped to rest when a truly ancient old girl simply ZOOMED by me at speed. Was immediately struck with envy.

    Would have very much liked to have seen The Boy’s face!

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