Lower Plenty: 3093/11:42:42am [Our Day]


I’m the hot wind from the desert, I’m the black soil of the plains
I’m the mountains and the valleys, I’m the drought and flooding rains
I am the rock, I am the sky, the rivers when they run
The spirit of this great land, I am Australian

We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We share a dream and sing with one voice:
I am, you are, we are Australian
I am, you are, we are Australian.

~Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton~

I am Australian (1987)

228. Patriotic


~ by korechronicles on January 26, 2009.

11 Responses to “Lower Plenty: 3093/11:42:42am [Our Day]”

  1. Happy Australia Day! Wonderful image, love the composition and the color!

  2. Nice, bright image!

  3. Happy Australia Day! Great image and perfect for the theme. I like the song lyrics too…

  4. Happy Australia Day! Very nice photo

  5. Happy Australia Day (if it isn’t over, you are 16 or more hours ahead) wonderful colorful shot.

  6. Happy Australia Day!!! I love the colors, how the flag is poking out of the back window and the play of the shadows. Beautiful!

  7. Wow, I LOVED reading those lyrics! Made me all puffy!!! What a great photo, is that your car? It’s cool. Where is Lower Plenty? (Ahem) … is it a place that I should know about? It sounds familiar. Thank you so much for your kind words to me, totally appreciate it. XOXOX

  8. Happy Australia Day! A nice photographic tribute…

  9. One day I will, I WILL visit Australia again. I had one holiday there 16 years ago, and I have never remembered a place so clearly as I remember Australia. We pootled about NSW, so I never saw the desert. Must remedy that.

    Also, have never been so bitten/ menaced by so many poisonous things in my entire life. Jellyfish, ants, snakes, spiders, oh my. (I loved it. It was so COOL, finding electric blue jelly-fish all over the beach, like a burst glass bead necklace).

  10. Happy Belated Australia Day! Very colourful indeed…I like!

  11. DIdn’t I comment? My apologies. Belated happy Aus day,



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