Yallambie:3085/9:47:40am [Taken for granted]


In the week before I took this photo we had a record three straight days of temperatures over 43C. At 9.30pm on the second day we lost all power. I could not raise the power company and assumed it was what we know as “load shedding” where certain groups of customers are cut off for a couple of hours to help the companies cope with the huge power load when everyone is depending on air-conditioning to get them through. But there were also bush fires threatening the lines in South-East Victoria and the power supplied to Victoria from Tasmania was unable to be supplied as Basslink cannot operate when temperatures exceed 35C. When I woke at 2am we were still in the dark and I realised it was more serious than I thought. Last April we were without power for 55 hours after a storm brought down the lines. The nice man at the power company did not have good news – a transformer in our street had exploded and it would take at least one working day to replace it. The crew arrived early the next morning and worked all day in the 45C heat and by 4pm we were back on the grid. They are my heroes. Although I did lose everything in the freezer again I had learnt a lesson from last year: never store icy poles on the top shelf. It is much easier to clean up when everything is NOT coated with various brightly coloured hues of sugar syrup.

239. Power


~ by korechronicles on February 1, 2009.

One Response to “Yallambie:3085/9:47:40am [Taken for granted]”

  1. You poor Aussies. I googled the Bushfire safety code yesterday in order to understand a bit more about the headlines – I didn’t understand what these fire plans that you are all talking about were. Sat here in the slushy snow, it was like reading science fiction. I hadn’t heard the phrase ‘fire-front’ before, or understood how you actually go about defending your house. Or understood why people had been burnt to death sheltering in their cars. I was a lot wiser at the end of it, but still couldn’t quite imagine what it must be like to suddenly see a wall of fire bearing down on your house/car/person.

    Losing a freezer full of food is mortal pain and grief to the Hairy Hubby. I think wasted meat (defined as any meat that he, personally, has not consumed) is one of the handful of things in this life that make him want to cry, tear his hair out and beat his chest. We accidently knocked the freezer plug switch to ‘off’ a couple of years back, and didn’t notice for a day or so. We had to invite everyone we knew round for a massive carvery party, as a quarter of a cow, a couple of lambs and a fair wedge of pork had all defrosted.

    He’s still upset about it.

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