Greensborough:3088/1:48:15pm [High above me]


It was getting hotter by the minute but seven weeks of house arrest recovery meant that some essential errands had been piling up. Greensborough shopping centre has efficient refrigerated air-conditioning and so does my car. The evaporative air-conditioning at home was struggling to be effective. So I took myself and my slow moving feet out for a couple of hours. Sitting in the food court with a magazine and a cold drink was at odds with the view above me where the relentlessly blue sky and searing sunshine was a harsh reminder of what was going on outside.

363. Windows


~ by korechronicles on February 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Greensborough:3088/1:48:15pm [High above me]”

  1. Oh, but what a cool picture – love all the angles and lines here! Glad you got out of “house arrest” for a bit!

  2. Very nice capture! It must have been quite a relief to get out and enjoy the air conditioned comfort of the mall…

  3. Beautiful shot. Let’s hope your recovery speeds up and gets you out more often!

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