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These are not my photos but they are two out of the many taken since Saturday that, to me, best represent the events that have overtaken our small corner of the planet. The first photo was taken from Doncaster by the Menherin family at about 8:15pm and displayed in this photo gallery of the Age newspaper. Taken about an hour before I wrote this post on Saturday night, it was the glow you can see in this photo – from the far left to about two thirds of the way along the photo –  that we were seeing from our balcony. The inferno on the right of the ranges was not visible to us and I would have felt a lot more than unsettled on that night had I been able to see it as clearly as this.

If you look at this photo carefully, around the middle of it and to the left hand edge you can see a black patch of darkness with a brightly lit strip of road to the right which is Williamsons Road. You may also be able to make out a dark strip that runs across from left to right which is the valley through which the Yarra River flows.  In that small patch to the left of the road and a few kilometres over the ridge is where we live. The bushfires are only 22-24km (around 15 miles) to the north-east of us. The towns that have been destroyed are ones we all know well. We all know someone who has lost their home or who is assisting in the relief efforts. Our family is just so lucky that no one that we know who lived in these places has been lost. But for more than 181 people and their families and friends, the opposite is true. We are all just so saddened and shocked but what is certain is that these communities will rebuild and that the rest of us will be there to help them do it.

Donations to the relief effort can be made through the Salvation Army or The Australian Red Cross.


This photo, on the front page of  Tuesday morning’s Herald Sun, is one that made me cry. It is of  fireman David Tree of the Mirboo North CFA and was taken by Russell Vickery. There is also a video of David’s brilliant act of compassion to the koala here taken by another CFA volunteer,  Mark Pardew, using his mobile phone. But be warned, it might make you cry too. I heard David interviewed on the radio and he said that as he was helping her with the water bottle the koala put her paw on his hand. This is so remarkable because these cute looking marsupials are notorious for their bad tempers and can inflict very nasty injuries with their claws. This koala, named Sam, was quickly collected by one of the many wonderful volunteer Wildlife Rescue teams and taken for treatment. She has burnt paws and is expected to make a full recovery.

We are so grateful for the all the phone calls and emails we have had from our friends and family across the world as well as the readers of this blog. Thank you so much for your love and concern.


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13 Responses to “[Can’t take credit]”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures though – this is so sad and heartbreaking – I am glad you and your family is ok!

  2. I saw that this morning. I’ve thought of you and wished you well, and wished you weren’t caught in this hell. I would send you all of our snow, if only I could.

  3. That is an amazingly frightening shot! Even with such a graphic it is hard to imagine the devastation.

  4. Unfortunately it’s a beautiful shot even knowing the devastation.
    There aren’t any words for me to convey the sorrow I feel.
    On a lighter note, your little koala made the news in NY. Maybe he’ll bring a little bit of hope perhaps?

  5. I have been watching the news (from here in snow-smitten Blighty) and weeping. I am so sorry, so so sorry.

    I grew up in Fire Country too, and remember vivdly standing on the doorstep and watching the smoking line creep down the other side of the valley, leaving black blankness in its wake. SO scary.


  6. Robyn, thank you so much for sharing all of the above. The devastation and heartache that is created here is beyond words. Watching it on TV or reading about it cannot portray the full magnitude of this tragedy. My heart goes out to all of the people affected by this horrific event. I’m glad you are safe,

  7. Glad to hear you are safe. I heard on Sky news this morning that the police have caught somebody responsible for starting it all. Even though we have seen the images on the news it is hard to really understand. I also saw the little Koala. I hope it is doing alright.

  8. The fires and the video of the fireman with the koala are in our news here. So frightening and I did hear that there has been one arrest. Our prayers are with you and all that have been affected by this devastating fire.

  9. Wow, that’s just amazing, Robyn. Praying for all of you down there. And thanks for posting the video as well. That was very cool.

  10. Oh Robyn. I am so, so sorry. You are so close to it all, down there. I’m shamefully late in realising exactly how much of a drought Victoria has been in. I’ve been watching and reading and crying alongside you. The whole of Australia has taken a hit.

    Sending you down my love, and thoughts … and RAIN. xoxox

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I feel totally frivolous writing it now that the bushfires – a real, not potential, danger – have devastated so many. One day I’m joking about volcanoes and earthquakes, and the next my brother’s home in Sunday Creek is under threat. Thankfully they made it, but many in their area didn’t.

    The picture from Doncaster is beautiful and awful at the same time. I can only shake my head. Take care of you and yours, we are thinking of you and everyone down there. xxxxx

  12. So glad you are OK. An incredible photo and helps to understand the hell you are experiencing there. Thanks so much for posting the koala video.

    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts to you all. Take care and keep safe.

  13. Robyn, the beauty in that first image is extraordinary even though we know the devastation that ensued. I’m glad you shared both these photos along with your story. This blogging community seems to make the world a much smaller place…

    Take care and keep a positive attitude…

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